Welcome Samuel Fine and Alana Brooks!

This week we welcome two new team members here at Dribbble HQ. Samuel Fine¬†will be managing our support and fulfillment, while Alana Brooks will be spearheading our marketing efforts. We’re excited to get some much needed help in areas that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve under a 2-person team. Both Sam and Alana are local Salemites, and will be working with us here, part-time, in our newly-acquired digs.¬†

Be sure to give them a warm welcome as you start seeing them around Dribbble, as they’ll be helping make it a better place.

We’d also like to give an official farewell to our former intern, Bruce Spang. Bruce worked with us for 2 years while he attended Salem High School, helping us on the development front. He left for college earlier this month, and will likely start a multi-billion dollar corporation that we’ll all be working for someday. Thank you, Bruce, for your contributions and service on the court, and best of luck at school and beyond.

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