Dribbble HQ Open House

Last week, we hosted the first of what we hope will be many meetups at Dribbble HQ in Salem, MA. Dribbblers from all over the greater Boston area showed up for beer (thanks for the hook up, High and Mighty!), ping pong and mingling. 

We had a chance to show off our new studio space, which finally had enough furniture for a party! It’s great to see the space finally coming together.

We’re loving our Dribbble-pink Sumo Omni, which has been great for brainstorming/party seating. Special thanks to Sumo for hooking us up!

Attendees also had the chance to win our new glow-in-the-dark Bally Roger Tee, which was a big hit.

Thank you to all the local Dribbblers for showing up! We can’t wait to host everyone again.

And big thanks to Tess for snapping these great black & white shots.

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