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imageWe’ve just rolled out an update for Pro members that makes finding designers on Dribbble even easier. Starting today, sorting and filtering ¬†members by location, skills, availability, and other criteria is packaged up into a nifty, portable widget.

We’ve streamlined our Find Designers section to make it quicker and easier to find folks to follow and hire. But we’ve also added that same functionality to other member lists throughout the site (e.g. followers, fans, lists, etc.). Click the new Pro Search icon image at the top of these lists to access the sorting/filtering widget to narrow down the list.

Want to see who your favorite Dribbbler follows¬†near Chicago that does illustration? A few clicks and… presto. You now have the power.

Anyone can go Pro for $20/year to take advantage of the new Pro Search. We think it’s pretty powerful, and will enable Dribbblers and fans more ways to sift through the talent that shares their work here every day. Enjoy!

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