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We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering Stripe as a way to make credit card payments for Pro accounts or Jobs on Dribbble. Until now, PayPal had been the only available payment method, and it continues to be an option along with Stripe. If you live outside the United States and have had difficulties making purchases in the past, or if your business has had trouble using a company card, give Stripe a try!


Thanks to Stripe Checkout, we were able to integrate their functionality in to our site with incredible speed and ease. Plus, instead of sending customers to a third-party site to make a payment, Stripe Checkout offers a simple popover box to pay instantly without ever leaving Dribbble. All payment information is securely processed by Stripe, and the results are immediately returned to our servers for processing.

Our new developer Tristan spearheaded the integration, and he was pleasantly surprised with how easily Stripe could be worked in to our existing code and UI. When we told him we’d be mentioning him in this post, he replied, “Aw shucks, Stripe is going to know I have a crush on it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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