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We’re super excited today to announce the release of Dribbble Pro, a suite of extra features for existing players for just $19 USD per year.

In an earlier blog post, we outlined a roadmap for the future, noting that our next challenge was sustainability—adding revenue to keep up with the growth of the site. Dribbble Pro is our first step in that direction. We’ve left the core Dribbble experience free, while adding some powerful new functionality for those who’d like to get more out of the site and support our efforts to maintain the community.

To see the new Pro features in action, check out the screencast below. The short version is:

  • Projects. Organize your shots into projects to tell the story and show the progression of your work.
  • Advanced Stats. Keep track of your popular shots, traffic, clicks and fans—all in one spot.
  • Attachments. Upload full-size images, PSDs, .zips, etc with your shots to provide greater detail.
  • Pro Badge. Show your support for the community. We also won’t show ads on your main profile page.

If you’re a Dribbble player, head over to your Account and look for the Pro tab for details and sign up. We can’t wait to see how the community takes advantage of the new features!

As for prospects, we hope that revenue generated by Pro accounts will allow us to accelerate our efforts to evolve gracefully and accommodate more players - thank you for bearing with our growing pains.

Pro or no, we want to close by saying thanks to the entire Dribbble community. Your work and your support continue to be astonishing.

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