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July 22–26, 2013

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Good Work

The July Not for Rental Exhibit (71A Gallery, London) featured artists’ takes on iconic films via imagined videocassette covers; all sales benefited Macmillan Cancer Support and Art Against Knives. Dribbble participants (and exhibit-related shots) included:


  • image Hooops app, “a simple Dribbble client for the iPhone” by Rehat Kathuria
  • image New version of media monitoring service Mention; posted by Stephane Martin
  • image Dunkt Dribbble client for the iPad by rookie Dave Weaver (welcome!)
  • image Fantasy Genius, “a new, collaborative way to get your fantasy questions seen and answered by millions,” by Mike Brisk for the NFL
  • image Snohomish County, Washington, homepage by Blake Allen

Without You, We’d Never Know About…


  • image Solar System print by Brandon Riesgo
  • image The Nashville Natives T-shirt by Derrick Castle. “Each Nashville Natives tee also comes with a hand stamped, signed and personalized proof of membership certificate.”

We Like Rainbows

  • image Technicolor Chief Skull acrylic painting by Jamie Koala
  • image Open Table “is completely re-imagining the OpenTable dining experience. One of the first things we established were some design principles to guide this process. Thought it would be fun to design and print cards of them to hand out internally”; posted by Chloe Park
  • image Rainbow Brite, first in Brooke Rochon’s Nostalgia Series
  • image The Rainbow Machine puzzle-based physics game for Leap Motion from IKIGames; posted by XKlibur
  • image Rainbow Girl series by Luna Portnoi


  • image The Loom Apartments, Sydney, Australia; by Dominique Falla with Toast Creative


  • image Computer Arts names Oskar Wimmerman’s Beroe font image of the day. Wimmerman made the work sample for Berghs School of Communication. “[T]he brief was to launch and brand a space travel agency.”
  • imageimage The Industry recommends “super simple image editor” Landcam, and says digital scrapbooker Ember is “well worth the investment.” Landcam by Alex Penny and Matt Davenport; Ember by Realmac Software.
  • image Trend Monitor features the Zest bottle by Matija Blagojevic; Zest is a Belgian “low calorie superfruit juice sweetened with Stevia.”

On The Calendar

  • image July 24: Tequila Day - Clark gains administrative access at the office, just in time to add a National Tequila Day doodle!

Off Topic


  • image Check out digital shop Collective Ray’s redesigned website; Jeff Broderick’s been sharing shots used on the site’s “Process” page.
  • image The Iconfactory has been busy designing the icon and UI interface for Electric Peel’s Busboy app, which “allows users to easily see when their bus will be arriving by displaying timetables and maps.”
  • image Joshua Brand shared official crew badges for the Sport Ngin events crew.
  • image Tech education center Treehouse releases its new iPad app; posted by Griffin Moore.
  • image Virb launches four new pages; posted by Ryan Clark


Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela Sat July 27 2pm Orinokia Avenida Guayana Ciudad Guayana 8050
Nashville, TN, USA Sat July 27 4 pm Flying Saucer 111 10th Ave
South Kochi, India Sat July 27 5pm Codeyssus Labs HIG29 10th Cross Panampilly Nagar Kochi 682036
San Francisco, CA, USA Tue July 30 Dropbox
Berlin, Germany Thu Aug 1 7pm Waymate, 109 Torstraße, Berlin, DE 10119
Denver, CO, USA Fri Aug 2 6pm location TBD

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