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July 29–August 2, 2013

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  • image “A little animated gif for the latest digital issue of Wired Italia” by Timothy J. Reynolds
  • image Discover your design ancestors (designcestors?) with Dribbble Draft Rewinder by Jona
  • image You’re Never too Old to be Young by Julieta Felix and Ben Pelley for Disney’s Pinterest page
  • image New banners for Google AdWords by Jamie Nicoll
  • image An Alien with a Magnet, “one of the brightest, most colorful trips through outer space ever” (Gamezebo) from RZ Design (Ricardo de Zoete) and Rejected Games (Luas Hoenderdos), now available in some markets for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
  • image The Butter Brothers Bakery and Bistro (in Budapest!) wall; design by Ben Didier (This entry brought to you by the letter “B.”)
  • image PlayHaus by Dangerdom, “a fun app for kids that teaches basic concepts like shape, color and space that is centered around building your own house out of building blocks.”
  • image Phillips’ You Need to Hear This campaign, posted by Ged Palmer


  • image “A pocket UI kit,” AKA Best Designers Ever’s business card
  • image Never Stop Adventuring poster by Brandon Makes; he and the rest of the Tack Mobile team took a screen printing workshop at Ink Lounge in Denver.

We Like Lightning


  • image Eye T-shirt for Kveikur, the latest album from Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ròs; designed by Derek Broad
  • image The Lost Type Co-op T-shirt, designed by Dan Gneiding

On The Wall

  • image Meagan Hyland’s alphabet of Sherlock Holmes-related icons for Elements of the Elementary, a multi-media exhibit devoted to the detective opening today at Dublin’s White Lady Art Gallery
  • image Kelli Anderson’s book covers project, “a totally-analog, 100% paper installation at the New York Public Library to showcase books selected by Maria Popova”


It’s Time To Get Things Started

Get Schooled

  • image Virginia Poltrack got Google Glass! As she learns, she’s sharing via Dribbble and tutorial videos.


  • image Typedia hails Joluvian’s new Zulia type, “a brash brush script” which the designer named for the Venezuelan state of Zulia in honor of his zuliana mother.

On The Calendar

  • image Aug 2-4: Beach party at Kudos Beach Club on the Black Sea, Constanta, Romania; poster by Alex Tass.
  • image Aug 2-26: Edinburgh Festival Fringe; show poster for comedy troupe Aa and A by Alex Odam
  • image Aug 3: 10th annual Rockerbox, “Milwaukee’s motorcycle street festival”; T-shirt by Brett Stenson
  • image Aug 3: Watermelon Day. Bambi Edlund designed this “page of fun facts about good ol’ watermelon.”

Off Topic



Denver, CO, USA Fri Aug 2 6pm SteadBrook, 46 South Broadway
Dallas, TX, USA Thu Aug 8 7pm Flying Saucer 4578 Belt Line Road Addison

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