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August 5–9, 2013

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Meetup Wrap-up

Check out our first-ever Meetup Wrap-up, detailing the good times (with beef!) had at the recent Dropbox + Dribbble gathering at Dropbox HQ in SF. We’d love to run a wrap-up of other Dribbble meetups, too. Because we can’t attend them all, we ask you to send susanna@dribbble.com a few pictures (5 max, names of folks in photos appreciated if you have them), and a few basic details: where, when, how many Dribbblers present, any other fun bits you like to highlight. Use the subject line “Meetup Wrap-Up.” We’ll write UP the wrap-UP and post it UP here. Word UP!

Good Work

  • image Hospital for Hope website by Hasan Syed; The new “self-sustainable hospital in an extremely under-served area of the Indian state of Jharkhand” recently hired its first doctor and nurses.
  • image Water is Life Giving T-shirts by Zachary Smith for Sevenly; $7 of every purchase goes to Generosity Water, “dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time.”


  • image Backstreet Boys website by Michael Martinho. I want it that way!
  • image Meagan Fisher designed the website for Radar, a smart app for tracking things you do often, created by Tom Germeau
  • image Dungeons & Dragons Online redesign by MadGlory Interactive, posted by Seth Louey
  • image iDrinkWater app “will help you to drink regularly in order to satisfy the daily requirement, avoiding the dehydration and the sense of exhaustion that we often feel.” Designed by Jackalstudio; developed by Michele Iacubino.
  • image Viz, “the first iOS App that lets you create simple graph charts instantly”; by Alberto Antoniazzi


We Like Dogs

  • image Dog Walkin’, detail of a poster for the Tyler School of Art @ Temple University, by Rachel Ignotofsky
  • image Design for in-house shirts at creative network HERENOW, posted by Zach Minard; “Since we’re known for a pack of dogs circling the office during the day it was only right to include one.”
  • image Red Flannel dog food packaging by Benjamin Krueger
  • image Serve and Protect police dog training logo by Guilherme Pinheiro


  • image Tresorfabrik recording studio/video and music production logo by Philipp Rappold

Working It Out

  • image Alex Lockwood has assumed direction and design responsibilities for Logic+Magic, LEAP creative agency’s magazine.
  • image CJ Melegrito has joined the Bohemian Coding team. Rhapsody!
  • image Nick Pring went freelance.

Without You We’d Never Know…

  • image …about Vintage-themed, aviation-style furniture: Le Home Vintage, Moscow logo by David Cran
  • image …that Sunday is the start of the workweek in Dubai; by Christine Kawasaki-Chan/Ogilvy & Mather for Expedia’s Travel Yourself Interesting campaign

Get Schooled

  • image Go Media’s Arsenal has released the Go Media building texture collection; Simon Hartmann has written a related tutorial.


  • image Communication Arts profiles Roy Margaliot and his work, including Dreams of the Old One. “When I am not working, I am learning Judaism in a Yeshiva, asking questions about life and trying to understand them. Most of the time my mind is full of it, so I guess it is a great filter for my artwork.”

On The Calendar

Off Topic


  • image Join the Dribbble Fantasy Football Mini-league! Posted by Joel Freeborn.


  • image As part of its initiative to solidify a style guide, Disqus has been fine tuning its color palette; posted by Vince Lane.
  • image Vox Media “tweaked the Verge homepage and made it a brighter, happier place.”


Mountain View, CA, USA Tue Aug 13 6pm Red Rock Coffee 201 Castro St
New York City, NY, USA Thu Aug 15 7:30pm Location TBD
Louisville, KY, USA Thu Aug 15 6pm Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse 401 E Main St
Copenhagen, Denmark Fri Aug 16 6pm Gothersgade 8B, 2fl, Boltens Gaard

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