Threadless Playoff Challenge Results

Our most successful playoff to date has come to a close. Two weeks and 469 rebounds later, the Dribbble + Threadless Playoff Challenge was a ton of fun to watch, and the t-shirt concepts the Dribbble community came up with were creative, funny, unique, clever, and other positive adjectives.

It’s time to announce the winners! After a huddle between the Threadless and Dribbble teams, we chose Ross Bruggink's “Sweet Betty’s Sparkling Yetis" design for the Grand Prize.


We love Ross’ fictional (?) take on a Yeti grooming shop. It’s a shirt we’d wear proudly. As part of the prize, the shirt will be printed and sold over at Threadless, so stay tuned to grab your very own.

In addition to getting his shirt printed, Ross also receives:

  • $2,000 CASH 
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate 
  • 1 of everything in the Dribbble Equipment Shop
  • 1 year of Dribbble PRO for free 
  • iPad mini – Black, Wi-Fi, 16GB

Congrats, Ross!

We’re also awarding the top 5 most liked shots of the challenge some cool prizes as well:

  • 1 year of Dribbble PRO for free 
  • Dribbble t-shirt 
  • $50 Threadless Gift Certificate

And they are:

Congrats and thanks to all who entered and voted. And a very special thanks to our friends at Threadless for partnering on an amazing Playoff!

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    Congrats to the winners! It was a lot of fun to participate in.
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    Loved working with Dribbble. Awesome challenge!
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