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August 12–16, 2013

Sorry to disappoint: it’s not Friday yet! We’ve moved our Replay to Monday mornings, so we can catch all the Friday afternoon goodness an end-of-the-week release might miss. E-mail susanna@dribbble.com or tweet @susannabaird with ideas for upcoming issues!


  • image The new GoSquared, posted by James Gill
  • image Hawk Funn debuts today on FB. In the (possibly) world’s first-ever work of illustrated social fiction, Steve Lowtwait tells the story of a man who never goes indoors.
  • image Textbooks in Google Play’s digital shop; illustration by Richard Perez
  • image Redesigned Mohawk Fine Papers homepage and navigation system; designed by Kevin Richardson and Jonathan Christopher of Iron to Iron; development by Avatar New York


We Like Parks

  • image Party for the Parks evite/print ad by Braxton Crim for the Charleston (SC) Parks Conservancy
  • image South African National Parks mobile site update by Damien du Toit
  • image Park, detail from illustration for Picnic insect repellents by Kate Frolova
  • image Detail from (Jacksonville, FL) Memorial Park Association logo by Caitlin Robinson

On The Wall

  • image This past weekend Louisville-based Forest Giant, builder of “mobile and digital solutions,” hosted Wild Echoes, a two-day “group art show inspired by the forest.” A number of Dribbblers contributed to the show.


  • image The Beautiful Game, makers of football-themed wall art; logo by Emir Ayouni
  • image Strong Nutrients supplements packaging by Andrew Lyons
  • image The Victorian, a new Kuwaiti chocolaterie/patisserie; by Yael Miller and Jeffrey Devey
  • image Andrew Smith at Team Detroit is working on concepts for the US release of the Ford Transit van.

Working It Out

  • image Dan Cederholm’s been named designer of the Carlton Innovation School Drama Club.
  • image Two x Two: Happy second birthday to Orange County, Calif., design firm Hoodzpah, founded by twin sisters Amy and Jennifer Hood.

Without You, We’d Never Know…

  • image …about Charlie Harry, inventor of the world’s first nitro ice cream buggy and maker of custom liquid nitrogen ice cream; logo by Tom Lane
  • image …there’s a day devoted to middle children; Middle Child Complex by Mary Kate McDevitt

Are You Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football?

On The Calendar

  • image Aug 20 is National Radio Day. Radio by Tatyana

Off Topic


Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? We’d love to wrap-up. Send a photo and a few details to susanna@dribbble.com and we’ll include it in our next Replay. And be sure to order your Meetup Kit a few weeks before the meeting! Go to our contact page and choose “Request a Meetup Kit” from the drop-down menu.

Louisville, KY, USA Thu Aug 15
Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse


Approximately 25 Louisville Dribbblers and prospects met to talk design and vote on a T-shirt contest winner, chosen from a group of Dribbble shots created for the event; (to be printed by the Louisville Graphic Design Association). Organizer Ben Johnson wrote, “It was great to be apart of a community where most everyone has a unique skill and talent in common.” Thanks to Todd Balsey for the photo.

New York City, NY, USA Thu Aug 15


Big Apple Dribbblers hung out at Rum House, near Times Square. In the photo, from left to right, are organizer João Oliveira Simões and Dribbblers Prescott Perez-Fox, Natasha Fedorova and Aaron C-T. Nice ball handling, Prescott!

Graz, Austria Fri Aug 16
Spiesesaal restaurant


These guys have an entire website devoted to their meetup, which is not only for Dribbblers, but “everyone who is awesome.” We like that. Thomas Lichtlau wrote, “As always it was a nice evening with much beer and interesting discussions and we are looking forward to the 10th meetup, next time in Vienna.”

Upcoming Meetups

Glasgow, Scotland Fri Aug 23 7pm location TBD
Montréal, QC, Canada Tue Aug 27 6pm Laika 4040 St. Laurent Blvd

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