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August 19–26, 2013

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Good Work

  • image Kammy’s Kause poster by Bob Ewing; Kammy’s Kause is a Fortville, Ind., music festival raising funds for the nonprofit 4p– Support Group. 4p–, also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), is an extremely rare chromosome disorder which causes mild to severe mental and physical handicaps, organ failure, oral defensiveness, and developmental delays.
  • image Open Possibilities T-shirt by Nathan Yoder for Sevenly; $7 from each sale goes to the National Autism Association




  • image Seanwes (Sean McCabe) Podcast 004 Guilt-Free Free Time: “How do you know when to put in the overtime effort vs. just allowing yourself to take a break?”

Without You We’d Never Know About…

Holy Affleck, Batman!

Get Schooled

  • image Speakers at the San Francisco Email Design Conference will explore “how modern UI/UX concepts extend to the email experience, and demonstrate how careful planning, strategic guidance and stellar design can lead to dramatic results.” Sponsored by Litmus, posted by Alan Tippins. Speakers include Dribbblers Dan Murphy (Scout), Colin Nederkoorn, Elliot Ross, Brendan Schwartz, and Alex Williams (Scout).

On The Calendar

  • image Aug 26: Houston Rockets All-Star and the Best Beard in the NBA James Harden turns 24! Shot by Filip Peraić

Off Topic

  • image Philip Scorr and his wife are not only celebrating 365 of wedded bliss, but also going to Ireland.

On The Wall

Denver and London ARTCRANKS, featuring bike-inspired posters, were held this past Saturday; in Denver at TAXI and in London at Dog Ear Films. In Paris, ARTCRANK can be seen through Oct. 6 at Cité de la Mode et du Design. Participating Dribbblers include John Camalick, the Cast Iron Design Co., Stéphane Constant, Shane Harris, Elliot Hasse, Andrew Hoffman, Jared Rippy, Wesley Schäuble, Rick VanderLeek, and John Vogl.

The Official Edgar Wright Art Show through Sept. 7 at Gallery 1988 West, Los Angeles, CA; Dribbbling artists include Kyle Crawford, Scott Derby, and Daniel Nyari

We Like Minecraft

  • image Minecraft birthday card by Chris Grooms
  • image Minecraft avatar by Petshopbox for 57Digital, who partnered with Minecraft creator Mojang AB “to make the only officially-endorsed companion app — Minecraft Explorer”
  • image Skin Creator Minecraft Edition app by Michael Topschij/DV Artz


Meetup Wrapup

Hosting a meetup? We’d love to wrap-up. Send a photo and a few details to susanna@dribbble.com and we’ll include it in our next Replay. And be sure to order your meetup kit a few weeks before the meeting. Go to our contact page and choose “Request a Meetup Kit” from the drop-down menu.

Copenhagen Denmark Fri Aug 16 Founders House (shared tech office space)


Twenty-five Dribbblers took our “What are you working on?” query to heart, delivering five-minute talks answering the question. Answers included a lemonade stand, a new digital agency, and local mini-conference first conceived of at previous Copenhagen meetups. Thanks to organizer Michael Flarup for the photo, and to Iconfinder for buying the pizza.

Upoming Meetups

Montréal, QC, Canada Tue Aug 27 6pm Laika 4040 St. Laurent Blvd
Kalamazoo, MI, USA Fri Aug 30 6pm Maestro 401 E. Michigan Ave.
Göteborg, Sweden Tue Sept. 3 6pm Elabs Östra Hamngatan 1 411 10 Göteborg, Sverige

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