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August 26–30, 2013

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  • image Console.Logging Co. T-shirt from Seth Akkerman, who told us, “Much like our plaid-wearing brothers from other mothers, web folks are loggers too.”
  • image The latest issue of Kill Screen Magazine, featuring Andrew Colin Beck’s portrait of game creator Douglas Wilson (Johann Sebastian Joust, Sportsfriends)
  • image Laika the Astronaut; “In Owen Davey’s imaginative take on a true story, Laika is rescued by new owners and finds the perfect home on a planet far, far away.”
  • image Pacific Rim poster by Christopher Lee
  • image The latest issue of In Re, South Texas College of Law’s alumni magazine, featuring Cityscape by Jacqui Oakley
  • image The September issue of Ebony magazine, featuring Matt Stevens’ “map of Memphis, styled after old diner placemats”

We Like Trees


  • image Bench (online bookkeeping, Vancouver and New York) by Roger Dario

On The Wall

Fangamer X Attract Mode gathering/art show in conjunction with Seattle’s Penny Arcade Expo gaming convention last weekend; Dribbbling artists included Steve Courtney, Andrew Lockhart, Mikey Mann, and Timothy J. Reynolds

  • image image image image
  • image FLATSTOCK 41 at last weekend’s Bumbershoot art festival in Seattle, Wash. “FLATSTOCK … is an ongoing series of exhibitions featuring the work of … popular concert poster artists.” Dribbbling participants included DKNG.
  • image For the Silver Screen Society’s online August exhibit artists riffed on ’80s fantasy The NeverEnding Story; NeverEnding Dribbblers included Dominic Flask.

Get Schooled

  • image Evernote Conference, Sept. 26-27, San Francisco, “use the promo code DRIBBBLE25 to get a 25% discount.”


Without You We Would Have Never Imagined…

  • image …hipster deities. New Dribbbler (welcome!) Christopher Cunetto is working on a series “depicting gods from ancient mythologies as contemporary hipsters!” Here, Pan shows his ink.

On The Calendar

  • image August 28 Tomatina tomato fight and festival, Bunol, Spain; In lieu of staging a Dribbble tomato fight, we’ll offer up Kim Gee’s tossed tomatoes, part of Tasting Table and Williams-Sonoma’s joint Sous Chef series profiling up-and-coming chefs.
  • image Aug 30 Frankenstein Day; Frankenstein by James Graves
  • image Sept 2 Labor Day: Labor Day Getaways for Roadtrippers by Luisa Mancera

September Is…

Off Topic

  • image Simon Collison and Geri Coady are going to Lisbon. To avoid disappointment due to subpar souvenirs, Collison has custom-designed a set in advance.
  • image Cam Hoff is in a book club. With gentlemen. Possibly mustachioed.


  • image Us! Deconstructing the Dribbble Dream by Justin Mezzell, who posted a shot on Dribbble about an article he wrote about Dribbble and people writing about Dribbble. And Dribbbledy Dribbble. Meta, dude!

Working It Out

  • image Happy Birthday x 5 to Philadelphia-based design-driven brand Ugmonk


Meetup Wrap-up

  • imageWant to host your own Dribbble Meetup? Check out our helpful new guide! You can throw an Analog Playoff with the helpful template on the left. Afterwards, email us photos and a recap to and we’ll try to include the wrap-up it in the next Replay.

Montréal, QC, Canada
Tue Aug 27 Laika


From organizer Kevin Clark: “We had about 20 people come in and we discussed what we’re currently working, our thoughts on iOS 7, trends, and some people gave a few insights into their creative process. That’s something I like about our industry, everyone is so open and eager to help out newcomers. This fits right in with Dribbble’s mission.” The group also did a pre-event playoff featuring local landmarks.


Göteborg, Sweden Tue Sept 3 6pm Elabs Östra Hamngatan 1 411 10 Göteborg, Sverige
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Wed Sept 4 6:30pm Gracie’s 326 SW Temple
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Wed Sept 4 7pm Shopify Toronto 241 Spadina Ave

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