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September 16, 2013

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Good Work


  • image Matt Johnston’s Wrist, “a bi-weekly illustrative exercise to explore typography, colors, clock mechanics, and everything else that goes into watch design” — Matt welcomes Dribbbler submissions, so shoot him a watch! (And share it with us.)
  • image September contributors to Smashing Magazine’s monthly wallpaper series include Dribbbler Ricardo Gimenes
  • image Lumberjack Playing Cards website by Vadim Smolenskiy (design) and Andrey Kondratyuk (coding)


  • image Enjoy Seasons cards by Martín Azambuja for Holstee
  • image Golden Ticket by Bethany Heck/Eephus League: “This is a 12×18 poster, offset printed on a beautiful steel grey French Paper stock with an image of the great Grover Cleveland ‘Pete’ Alexander and a foil stamped ticket graphic taken from the a detail inside the HalfLiner.”
  • image Merch for the Pixies (favorite band, Dan Cederholm) by Sam Kaufman
  • image “Silkscreen posters for the 50th year of T1M telescope and the 100th year of T60 telescope located at the obsevatory of the Pic du Midi (French Pyrenees)” by Jean Mosambi
  • image The Snake and the Flower print by Gino Pambianchi
  • image Cards for the Legendary Geek Shop by Stolz

We Like Muppets


  • image The Brownlow Medal, awarded to the Australian Football League’s best player of the year, transformed by Joel Chris from 3D object to vector format for the league’s website
  • image & Sealed: Per Chad Michael, this shot offers a peek at a small Spanish tax seal strip for a larger bottle design which will wrap about the main bottle label’s base
  • image Junior Dickies label refresh by Dusty Pierce
  • image Literally branded: The Prince Ink Co. sign, lasered by Big Secret

Shake It, Shake It

Serial Killed

The final episode of Dexter airs this Sunday on Showtime in the U.S. We’re in pieces.


  • image The September-October issue of Australian Geographic, featuring Dave Foster’s “custom lettering for a word map showing over 380 Aboriginal tribes and dialects in their respective locations”
  • image The fall issue of the Cornell Law Forum, with cover and inside illustrations by Dante Terzigni Jr.
  • image UPPERCASE 19; posted by Janine Vangool; cover by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff


  • image For the second time, Android app Telly is being featured on Google Play’s Play Picks; posted by Angel Jiménez Lopez


  • image Markus Magnusson (Malmö, Sweden) and Sean Metcalf (California, USA) worked together with the folks at Juxt on congratulations animations for a IT conference.
  • image Dustin Schmeiding creates film textures for Ohio’s Go Media’s Arsenal. Simon Hartmann designs materials to help launch those textures. Also, Simon makes a quick demo of how to use the textures. Finally, we post it here, so you can get smarter.

Where’s Dribbble? Bangladesh!


On The Calendar

  • image September 13: Friday the 13th by Parker Gibson
  • image Throughout September: Riddick continues to open around the world. Riddick, by Enrique Rivero

40 Days

For 40 days designers Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh dated and dished on their dates in daily diary entries. Art accompanies each entry on the hyper-hyped Fortydaysofdating.com; many Dribbblers contributed, including Darren Booth and John Passafiume. We asked Darren how the process worked. Did they get to read the daily entry first? Nope! “Tim and Jessica asked us contributors to typographically illustrate a phrase that they’d supply each of us with that came from their daily writings. That was the only art direction we needed, aside from the size requirement.”

  • imageimage

September Is Honey Month


Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? Send a photo and a few details to susanna@dribbble.com and we’ll include it in our next Replay. Be sure to order your meetup kit a few weeks before the meeting. Go to our contact page and choose “Request a Meetup Kit” from the drop-down menu.

Kalamazoo Michigan USA Fri Aug 30 Maestro


About 20 people meet at Planet Maestro to talk shop and compete for Dribbble swag. Maestro Creative Director Zach DeYoung said, “When we weren’t doing the activities we spent time shooting pool, drinking local craft beer and eating local yummy pizza. All in all it was a great first meet up for us and everyone is looking forward to the next one!”

Göteborg (Gothenburg) Sweden Tues Sept 3 Elabs


The Gothenburg crew, minus regulars Johan Brook and Ida Jansson, met up at Elabs. Johannes Leuchovius (Elabs), Oskar Boethius Lissheim (Spotify Business), Jimmy Nordlund (Elabs), and Robin Rundkvist (Elabs) talked about current projects then honed in on the meetup’s main topic: role models in design.

Toronto Ontario Canada Weds Sept 4 Shopify Toronto


More than 100 people attended the Shopify meetup and had so much fun they stayed ‘til 11 p.m. The event played out casually, with no formal talks, just the usual design-inspired conversation. 


Chandigarh, India Sat Sept. 14 5pm Books and Brew
London, Ontario, Canada Tue Sept. 17 7pm Runt Club 155 Albert Street
Buenos Aires CF, Argentina Thu Sept. 19 7pm Restorando Headquarters 3249 Céspedes
Glasgow, Scotland Fri Sept. 20 7pm Locatio

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