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September 23, 2013

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We Like Autumn

  • image Happy Mid Autumn Day (Sept. 19) from battle-PAN. The Mid-Autumn Festival (AKA Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival) involves moon watching and feasting on mooncakes. These dense pastries vary by region, but typically feature a crust, filling (often a bean or seed paste), and an egg yolk or “moon” center.
  • image Fall quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald by Jessica Bruggink
  • image The Cat That Brings Autumn by Nikita Lebedev

You Probably Didn’t Realize, But iOS 7 Launched This Week. In Related Dribbbler News…

Redesigned apps (a sampling):

And, the brand new:

Without You We’d Never Know That…

  • image …loud music contributes to hair loss; Up to eleven by Mikey Burton for the November issue of Mental Floss magazine
  • image …Euskara, the Basque language, has its own comic book magazine, Xabiroi. Euskara is the single remnant of the languages spoken in southwestern Europe before the Romans took charge. Dei G. told us that the language’s history and rarity—less than a million people speak it—motivate him to create covers for the magazine that’ll help expand its reach.

Oh, For Lovely

  • image The Sandman by Samantha Kallis. “The project is a children’s book I’ve been tooling around with for a few years now. It’s a re-telling of the Sandman, and it’s actually a bedtime story my grandfather wrote to soothe my uncle when he was a child.”


  • image The October issue of Fast Company, featuring illustration by Richard Perez for article on the evolution of multi-touch screens
  • image Tuck Forum, a report on new research from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, with art by Mario Zucca, who explains: “It accompanies an essay dealing with the efficiency of hospitals in India and how the US healthcare system could stand to adopt some Indian medical practices.”


  • image The new Perfect Weather app is earning creators David Barnard, Julien Martin, and Elfred Pagan (DBA Contrast) kudos from many corners. PC Magazine praises its “beautiful iOS7 theme” and notes the app provides “a very slick way to convey a lot of information.” MacRumors says the app stands out in a crowd of hundreds for offering “detailed information packaged in a no-frills single-screen design.”

Get Schooled

  • image Ui Photography part 2 is out! In this installment of her Focus Lab series, Alicja Colon discusses obstacles to creating beautiful UI shots.
  • image The First Steps of Lettering, a new Skillshare class with Mary Kate McDevitt


Where’s Dribbble? Czech Republic


  • image Campo Santo logo by Jon Contino (Brooklyn, New York) with creative direction by Olly Moss (London, England), lead creative for the new San Francisco-based video game company; first game to be made in collaboration with Mac software shop Panic (Portland, Oregon)


On The Calendar

  • image Sept. 18 Cheeseburger Day: Hungry Cat by Cindy Suen
  • image Sept. 19 Talk Like a Pirate Day: El capitán de este barco (The captain of this boat) by Viviana Quintero
  • image Sept. 21 Rock am See (Rock the Lake) music festival on the Bodensee (Lake Constance), Konstanz (Constance), Germany, detail from poster by Dorota Orlof
  • image Sept. 22 Primetime Emmys: How a Primetime Emmy is Won infographic by Marina Goldshteyn for The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • image Sept. 26-28: Sotoko Hotsak, Basque music festival “where the three protagonist groups come from outside to play music with an evil attitude”; illustration by La caja de tipos.


  • image Dribbble's launched a brand-spanking new Help Center to replace the old FAQ, which was un-frequently updated. The new Help Center will be much easier for us to keep up to date, and hopefully much easier for the community to find answers to questions about all things Dribbble. Posted by Dan Cederholm.
  • image Hubspot answers the question, “What is Hubspot?” Design by Jon Smith, developed by Gabriela Lanza and Ben Lodge, posted by David Simpson
  • image Launched: Restaurants at Virb; posted by Justin Burns

Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? Send a photo and a few details to susanna@dribbble.com and we’ll include it in our next Replay. Go to our Meetups page and order a meetup kit in advance by clicking on “Here’s how to make it happen.”

Salt Lake City Utah USA Wed Sept 4 Gracie’s


More than 90 people showed up to compete for door prizes, talk design, and launch meetup sponsor MoneyDesktop’s DRAFT, a monthly “teach-up” offering local designers the chance to learn from one another.

Chandigarh India Sat Sept 14 Books and Brew


The first-ever Chandigarh meetup featured a small logo-design contest and discussions of responsive design and the general state of web design. In the future, the new group hopes to hold a photography workshop. Thanks to Prashant Bhatnagar for organizing! Photo: Prospects Payal Maheshwari (left) and Pankaj Gupta (right)


Dublin, Ireland Tue Sept. 24 6:30pm The Snug in The Stag’s Head, 1 Dame Court Buenos Aires CF, Argentina Thu Sept. 26 7pm Restorando Headquarters 3249 Céspedes
Dallas, Texas, USA Thu Sept. 26 7pm Trinity Hall 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane
Austin, Texas, USA Sun Sept. 29 4:30pm Craft Pride 61 Rainey Street Amsterdam, Netherlands Wed Oct. 2 8pm Location TBD

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