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October 7, 2013

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Get Schooled

  • image Ken Barber is teaching script lettering and drawn lettering workshops at Cooper Union (NYC) this fall, and drew this lettering as a warm-up. “The letter style riffs off on an exaggerated 19th-century American ornamental penmanship hand, which was later popularized during the 1970s and 80s by legends like Tony DiSpigna and Tom Carnese.”
  • image Sign up for Brad Woodard’s Skillshare course Digital Illustration and enter your design in Brad’s Halloween illustration contest; winners receive 15 screen prints of their work.


Where’s Dribbble? Egypt

  • image Mohamed Ezzat, Alexandria: Eid Typeface, new Arabic typeface for Eid greetings cards
  • image Muhammad El Melegy, Cairo: Side Menu, part of an Instaradio (music sharing and broadcasting app) redesign
  • image Andrew Hesham, Cairo: Secured


  • image The October Issue of Philadelphia Magazine, “hand painted on reclaimed wood” by Christian Cantiello, then photographed
  • image The latest Bonobos catalogue, featuring badges by Ed Nacional

Off Topic

Still Wrestling with the Hed


  • image Explore “map screenprint on French Paper’s Berrylicious pop-tone 100# paper” by Landon Sheely

Very Punny

Without You We’d Never Know That …

  • image …nearly 120,000 pairs (60,000 pounds!!!) of pork sausages were consumed at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Noah Pannucci designed this graphic for an Oktoberfest celebration at id29 in Troy, New York. “The small silhouettes reflect different aspects of Germany (some more specific than others), and add up to the same total weight.” Urp.


Speaking of Oktoberfest, sausage eaters, pretzel munchers and beer swillers in places other than Munich also spent the last few weeks Oktoberfesting. Celebrations included:

  • image Emtoberfest, NY, NY, USA (Happy 30 Emmy!); invitations by McMillian + Furlow
  • image Oktoberfest, Frankford Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; identity by Noelle Saltzgueber
  • imageOktoberfest, Mother’s Brewing Company, Springfield, Missouri, USA; poster icons by Dan Spencer
  • image Oktoberfest, The Beer & Burger Bar, Melbourne, Australia; poster by Simon Telfer
  • image Oktoberfest Beer Stein Block Print (for anywhere!) by Derrick Castle

Hello, Atlas!

  • image Meet Atlas, “a small bot of intergalactic knowledge searching a vast alien landscape for a lost, wounded pilot” from the marveoulous minds at CreatureBox(Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin)

On the Calendar

  • image Sept. 30-Oct. 5, Cincinnati Design Week, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Poster by Jason Snell/We Have Become Vikings
  • image Oct. 4, Taco Day. National Taco Day by Kyle Steed
  • image Oct. 5-7, WordCamp Europe 2013, Leiden, The Netherlands; sponsored in part by Treehouse (shot by Eric Smith). Several Dribbblers showed up on the speakers’ roster, including Vitaly Friedman presenting “Behind the Scenes at Smashing Magazine" and "Running a European WordPress Development Agency," a group presentation by Remkus de Vries, Simon Dickson, Arnstein Larsen, Noel Tock, and Tom Willmot.
  • image Also Oct. 7-12, NOLA Tech Week, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Logo by Nick Noble

We Like the Circus


  • image A volunteer crew painted Nicole Licht’s “Buy Good Things from Real People” mural big and strong on the walls at Etsy.
  • image The Iconfactory shared its UI design for Twitterrific for iOS 7.
  • image New team Lubie posted images from its Boréalis iPad Game.
  • image “Now Meetup groups no longer look sad and bleak before they upload an image of their own.” Posted by Shane Zucker

Coaches’ Picks

  • image Monotype Hero Image #2 created by Brice Beasley for Monotype for their Harmonia Sans Pro family
  • image WeMake Beeteeth by Dan Christofferson, part of his piece for a curated poster show at Portland’s Design Week (see “On the Calendar” above)
  • image Bjango/Marc Edwards released an update to their in-house iOS 7 Photoshop Actions and Workflows.
  • image South Rose Free Font by Sydney Goldstein, based on the South Rose Window at Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)
  • image Death Grip by Gregory Hartman, who vows to “live by the pencil, die by the pencil”
  • image Angry Bear Design Agency website illustration “stretches down to the depths of the forest floor”; by Brian Edward Miller (Welcome!)
  • image Camping Icons by Kevin Moran
  • image Grandpa illustration by Lea Vervoort for Dutch children’s magazine Boekie Boekie (One of us teared up when we saw this lovely.)
  • image Midnight Souls Still Remain by Nick Visser


Boston, Massachusetts, USA Tue Oct. 15 7:30pm Thoughtbot, 41 Winter St, 8th Floor
Stockholm, Sweden Wed Oct. 16 6pm The Park, Sveavägen 98, 2 tr
Göteborg, Sweden Thu Oct. 17 6pm Elabs Östra Hamngatan 1 411 10 Göteborg; Topic: iOS 7
Chandigarh, India Sat Oct. 19 6pm Location TBD
Aghadir, Morocco Sat Oct. 19 8pm Location TBD

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