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Today is an exciting day here at Dribbble. After many months of hard work, we’re thrilled to officially announce Dribbble for Teams.

Teams are a simple but powerful way for your organization to have a presence on Dribbble. Teams allow your brand to have a profile powered by the work that your design team is creating. Members of your team can continue to use Dribbble as they do today, but additionally mark their work as team work, so your team profile is filled with shots of the products and projects your organization is working on. Dribbble users can follow your brand and what you’re building, allowing you to promote both your team’s work and the designers behind it, while fostering conversations with your audience and peers in the community.

Like many features we’ve introduced, Teams has evolved from observing how our members use the site. Organizations have been creating Dribbble accounts to show the work of their designers, who often have separate personal accounts, but until recently, there was no way to link the two. Team accounts connect the folks doing the work with the organization for whom it was done. We hope that both sides gain visibility and context for the work they’re sharing.

Teams that are hiring enjoy benefits as well. All team members are able to use Find Designers to search for design talent. Teams that purchase jobs on Dribbble are found in searches for jobs posted by teams and teams hiring. Additionally, team profiles are linked to from their job listings, so candidates can explore a hiring team’s work and designers.

Without further ado, let’s get to the details. Here’s why we think you’re going to love Teams:

  • Dual-attribution

    Get your team on Dribbble

    Want your customers, clients, and design peers to see what you’re working on? Create a team on Dribbble. Your organization, screenshots of your work, and designers share the spotlight under your brand’s profile.

  • Follow

    Grow your audience

    Are you a product team? Show the world what you’re building so they can follow your progress. It’s an easy way to grow an audience, build interest and announce new products and features.

  • Get-hired

    Get hired

    Are you a design agency? Share your work to gain attention from potential clients. Mark your team for hire to appear in find designers searches and receive work inquiries via your Dribbble profile.

  • Team-jobs

    Hire designers

    Growing your design team? Find designers by location, skills, and more. Teams that purchase jobs have their avatar displayed with their listing. Job openings also appear on your team profile. Designers seeking jobs can search for both jobs posted by teams and teams hiring.

  • Benefits

    Projects and attachments

    Organize your work into projects and add attachments to your screenshots to render your team’s efforts with greater context and detail.

Teams pricing starts at just $100 per year for up to 3 members. Go create a team and start sharing what your company is working on!

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