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  • image The inaugural Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 5K, held today in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, raises money to support disabled veterans; logo by Candy Niemeyer.
  • image During November, men around the world grow mustaches and raise funds for the Movember Foundation, which supports men’s health programs. Via the Gallery of Mo, artists are drawing mustachioed portraits in exchange for Movember donations. Gallery sneak peek by Adam Campion. Dribbbling participants include Drew Albinson, Nicola Felaco, and Emily Dove Gross.
  • image image image
  • image The arts education nonprofit Global Art & Design Project uses creativity as an entrepreneurial tool for global development. Paul G created the identity for ARTiculate, the organization’s upcoming art-show fundraiser.
  • image Per its website, The Intel Foundation “works to increase opportunities for all—especially girls and underrepresented populations—in STEM education and related careers.” Jonathan Quintin and Noise collaborated on infographics to celebrate the organization’s 25th anniversary.


Great Story, Great Shot

  • image Museum Night & Mobile Phones by Maya Stepien. “Last September, in The Hague there was a Museum Night (a very popular cultural event in Europe where all the museums and galleries remain open late into the night). Every museum was very well prepared except one, which forgot to supply any source of light in their outdoor sculpture exhibition. Needless to say, mobile phones came in handy to find any way around or not to bump in any art pieces.”


  • image Dark Slice of the Moon (HA!) by Doe Eyed Design. “This poster is perfect for anyone, whether they are a foodie, a music snob or just a fashionista.” Also available in T.
  • image To Be Printed: Three new menu guides by Drew Melton for Herb Lester, publisher of travel guides, maps and accessories

As You Wish

Off Topic

Whosoever Holds This Hammer

  • image Thor by Ronald Rabideau, part of an animated series in progress with David Stanfield. From Ronald: “We don’t often consider the fact that superheroes and villains alike, while being extraordinary in their capabilities, share many faculties with the common man. Eating, sleeping, and … stay tuned to have your eyes opened to an unseen world.”

We Like Watercolors.

Where’s Dribbble? Jamaica!

Without You We’d Never Know About …

  • image …the other Lucy & Ricky in the Big Apple; Lucy & Ricky by Danielle Riley
  • image …Notus (Greek Νότος, Nótos), Greek god of the south wind. Sam Soffes and Kerem Suer are working on an iOS app named after the god, who Kerem says “was thought to bring the storms of late summer and autumn.”

Mr. Al Phabet


Coaches’ Picks

Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on “Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. Send susanna@dribbble.com a photo after, and we’ll run it here!

Toronto Ontario Canada Oct. 30 at ecentricarts



From event organizer Linda Nakanishi: “The DribbbleTO Meetup was a great event that brought together Dribbblers and prospects alike to network and share in some Halloween fun. We had a drawing competition for a Dribbble invite as well as a costume contest. Our drinks were sponsored by 500px and prizes by GelaSkins.”

Charleston South Carolina USA Nov. 1 {e} house studio


From event organizer Mike Hartwell: “The first Charleston Dribbble meetup kicked off with a smaller-than-expected turnout. But despite the attendance, our conversation remained high level and engaging. {e} house studio generously offered their space and provided the libations in support of our gathering. Introductions, cold beer and shop talk were followed by hammering out some basic organizational framework.”

Odessa Ukraine Nov. 2 Provectus IT


The sold-out Odessa meetup featured five speakers: Lidiya Bogdanovich of Provectus IT, Sementiy Lobach, Bogdan Maksimchuk of Provectus IT, Volodymyr Usov of Gutenbergz, Sergey Valiukh of Tubik Manufactory. Thank you to event organizer Tanya Kozovaya for the picture and details.

Dublin Ireland Nov. 4 Bunsen Burgers


Event organizer Donovan Hutchinson said that while the gathering was just a small meetup to plan a bigger meetup, “mighty burger times were had by all.” Photo (L-R): Shane Moloney, Donovan Hutchinson, Ray O’Neill. Photo credit: Daniel Alb.


Sofia, Bulgaria Tue Nov. 12 7pm, Boom! Burgers & Steaks, 15 Karnigradska St
Washington, DC, USA Wed Nov. 13 7pm, The Ground Floor, 1400 Key Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia; featuring lightning talks from Drew Lepp, Jonathan Patalot and Ryan Rich
Chicago, Illinois, USA Threadless & Dribbble Hang Out Thu Nov. 14 7pm, 1260 West Madison St Must register by Nov. 14 to attend.
Montevideo, Uruguay Thu Nov. 14 7pm, Pop Design, Constituyente 1930
Izmir, Turkey Thu Nov. 14 8pm, Sardunya Bar, AlsancakKıbrıs Şehitleri Cad./1482 Sok. No:11 Alsancak
Dublin, Ireland Wed Nov. 20 6:15pm, Against the Grain, 11 Wexford St.

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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