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Good Work

  • image Invisible Children is a nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of former child soldiers and the capture of African warlord Joseph Kony. Invisible Children’s HR department is hosting “Tanked-Giving,” a Thanksgiving-themed, beer-centric event, to raise money for the nonprofit’s current 10-week fundraising campaign. Event logo by Steve Witmer.


  • image Process shot of wireframes by Christina Durbin for LearnLEO, a note-taking, case-briefing app for law students. Says Christina, “Those wireframes were part of a larger exploration looking for an intuitive way to organize the student dashboard. My initial idea was to take the structure that a design or art portfolio uses and see how the interaction might fit.”
  • image Target Gift Card by Matt Kaufenberg — see attachments for process.
  • image GateGuru Sketching by Ramotion; GateGuru is a TripAdvisor company.

November is

  • image Native American History Month: Crazy Horse by Christina Canner for an events poster for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Practice Makes Perfect

  • image Jimmy Simpson works as a motion designer. To hone his design and illustration skills without committing to animating, he tackles a personal editorial project every other week. Up this week: Industry of Mediocrity.


  • image Fonts, a new app from Bohemian Coding; posted by Bohemian Lead UI Designer Christopher Downer, who describes it as “clean and elegant font management”
  • image Nate Koehler’s new site

Not Founds We Found

We Like Turkey.

Where’s Dribbble? Laos!


We took a Timeout with California designer Jerrod Maruyama and visited the amazing office of Latvian social network (and more!) Draugiem.


Coaches’ Picks

  • image Let’s play some music by Martín Azambuja, elements to be used in a band poster
  • image Cradle Desert, part of a painting by Josh Eiten for Mojo Game Studios’ upcoming open-world fantasy adventure game Cradle (2015)
  • image Jim by Joey Ellis, drawn after listening to the new Jim Henson biography
  • image EVE, Natalie Smith’s illustration for the PixArt secton of the Pixar Times
  • image Dutchmann connects artists with craftspeople for projects ranging from Delftware-inspired surfboards to modern interpretations of classic race posters. Studio MUTI participated in the latter, and shared a shot from its poster.
  • image Dilemma: Coffee or Tea? by Marco Goran Romano
  • image Floral Silhouette by David M. Smith for a fall wedding invitation
  • image Hex Heads Pattern by Von Glitschka for a course on repeat pattern design for online tutorial site Lynda.com
  • image Ye Olde Card by Joe White
  • image Death and Desire illustration by Brad Woodard for the November/December issue of Worldwide Challenge Magazine. (Brad says “thanks” to Seth Nickerson and Journey Group for getting him the gig.)

Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on “Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. Send susanna@dribbble.com a photo after, and we’ll run it here!

San Francisco California USA Oct. 23 Dear Mom


Dribbblers gathered at The Mission District’s Dear Mom to talk design and enjoy drinks. Thanks to Paula Borowska for organizing.


Montréal, Canada Montréal Meetup Tue Nov. 26 6pm, Laika, 4040 St Laurent Blvd. RSVP
Göteborg, Sweden iOS7 & New Apple Stuff Fri Nov. 29 6pm, Elabs, Östra Hamngatan 1, 411 10 Göteborg. RSVP
Toronto, Canada Dribbble x Shopify Tue Dec. 3 7pm Strada 241, 241 Spadina Ave. RSVP
San Francisco, California, USA Designer & Developer Dribbble Hangout Thu Dec. 5 7:30pm Radius HQ 140 Second St. RSVP

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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