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Tuesday night, 300 Canadian designers gathered at Strada 241 in Toronto for what was an epic Dribbble × Shopify Meetup. Toronto is one of Dribbble’s largest meetup communities, and they lived up to that title. Custom cupcakes were consumed, 3 design battles were waged, free drinks and food were served, and fun was most definitely had.






See more photos from the event on Shopify’s Facebook page.

Rich, Dan, and Sam from Team Dribbble were there to kick off an exciting partnership that we’re forming with the folks at Shopify to work together on meetups around the world in 2014. Much more on Shopify’s Global Meetup Sponsorship later!

Thanks to all who came out to the event, and special thanks to Harley Finkelstein, Arati Sharma and the Shopify team for making it all possible. Meeting and connecting with fellow designers and creative web folks is something we absolutely love supporting here at Dribbble, and we’re looking forward to doing much more of that in a city near you.

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    going to this with clarice tonight. So excited!
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    This is epic. So stoked to be partnered with these guys.
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