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Good Work

  • image To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Creative Market asked 26 of its shop owners to illustrate letters representing design principles. The ABC Design Project is now for sale at Help Ink, with proceeds benefiting All Hands Volunteers, focused on disaster relief. Project logo by Liam McKay; posted by Gerren Lamson.




  • image The December issue of Observer Tech Monthly (part of the Sunday Observer), including map of Cambridge by Laszlito Kovacs
  • image Louisiana Life Magazine, including The Family Farm by Jane Sanders, who says, “The story is for a column I often illustrate called ‘Rural Life’ by Melissa Bienvenue. She writes about her married life with a farmer and the contrast to her past life as a single woman in a big city. This article was about her teenage son’s desire to see the world, in particular NYC, and her wish for him to have such adventures and her trepidation as a mother.”

You Say It’s Your Birthday

  • image Abduzeedo (7) design inspiration and tutorials blog, posted by Fabio Sasso


  • image Tis the Season by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn
  • imageExploration by Steve Wolf, one of a series of vintage space posters. Steve was aiming for a “1950s vintage style and … an old advertising feel.”


  • image Rachel Shillcock’s Beyond Ink, “a monthly design podcast that aims to encourage those in the creative or web industry to talk more about the work we do and the decisions we make.” First up: Simon Collison and Laura Kalbag.
  • image Google’s 2013 Santa Tracker, posted by project creative director Haraldur Thorleifsson, who thanks many a Dribbbling Googler (Googling Dribbbler?) in his comment.


  • image Virginia Poltrack has been busy creating Glassware (Google Glass apps), including Holiday Vignettes (pictured). Android Central called it “a simple little piece of Glassware that makes quite the impact.”

Not Too Late to Win

  • image Zozi kicked off its “12 Days of Adventure” contest on the 9th, meaning you still have five chances to win one of the business-organizing platform’s amazing trips. Posted by Daniel Führer.


  • imageThe Solar System - our home in space, an informational, infographic-full video from the team at Kurzgesagt, took the Motion Infographic Gold in KANTAR’s 2013 Information is Beautiful Awards. Congratulations to Philipp Dettmer and the rest of the team.
  • imageAlso taking a KANTAR gold, this one for data visualization, Nobels, No Degree for La Lettura magazine by a team that included Federica Fragapane.
  • image Hylton Warburton won Russian Bear Vodka’s Urban Expressions design contest. He describes his winning design as “a celebration of South African urban nightlife, the music, and the diverse culture. I tried to show, through words and images, the mix of cultures, languages, music, and style under a great big African sky.”


Get Schooled

  • imageSkillshare presents Creating Custom Typography for Your Brand with Simon Walker. Says Simon, “It’ll cover some things I’ve learned (and am still learning) about making custom type digitally – with a slight emphasis on vintage aesthetics and texturing – from sketch to final product.”

Where’s Dribbble? Macedonia!

  • imageRebeka Dimitrievska, Veles: app for Australian second-hand clothes site Op Rock
  • image DryIcons, Strumica: Custom Icons
  • imageUnipen, AKA Ivan Gashevski and Irina Trpovska, Skopje: Triple A


  • image Making all the ’80s punk kids a little jealous, Sam Kauffman made “a few simple tees” for Epitaph Records.


At the Dribbble shop, we restocked our Activitee and Charge tees and introduced Infinite Hyperlink in red. In this week’s Timeout, Brian Edward Miller talks about his return to Colorado plus sea monsters, Penguin, inking tools and why he loves Josh Emrich.


Coaches’ Picks

  • image Drop Cap by AG Fabrega, created for a Skillshare class
  • imageNew design for an old iOS game by Mikael Gustafsson and a friend
  • image Mandala I by Robb Leef, based on Hindu and Islamic geometry and to be printed in 2014
  • image Peace coaster by Jon McClure for his holiday cards
  • image Nelson Mandela by Sara Paglia
  • imageCory Say created Team Event for a TracyLocke Dallas team event — Sneaky Beach Day — held at a bar/marina called Sneaky Pete’s; the image was used on T-shirts and plastic cups.
  • imagePrint Magazine hired E.W. Thomason to create an advertising piece for its Hand Drawndesign competition. Says E.W., “The puzzle of the assignment was that a single piece of art needed to work in both print and web, at a wide variety of sizes and proportions—like full-page magazine, extremely horizontal web banner, and extremely vertical web banner. I solved the design problem by creating a mash-up of dimensional words that could be cropped into, willy-nilly, revealing a different section of the art each time.”

Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on “Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. Send susanna@dribbble.com a photo after, and we’ll run it here!

San Francisco California USA Thursday Dec. 5 Radius HQ


Radius hosted a “Designer and Developer Dribbble Hangout” at its HQ, offering up not only space, but also “ping-pong, awesome beer and tasty snacks.” Thanks to Jordan Gadapee for the photo.

London England Tuesday Dec. 10 @ The Golden Lion


From organizer Frazer Wilson: “The event involved different types of creatives showing quick demos on different software to teach each other tricks and tips, kind of an open mic but with design.” Next London Dribbble meetup Saturday, Jan. 4, location TBD.


Dublin, Ireland December Drinks and Dinner Tuesday Dec. 17 6pm Toners Pub 139 Baggot Street. RSVP

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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