Weekly Replay


  • image Mission Control by Ronald Ferree, who “grew up dreaming about space and working in a mission control room” and created this print as “an ode to the people and the place that put us beyond our earth”
  • image Sim Kolev’s tri-fold riff on the traditional resume

Fleshy What?

  • image Sick of the same old boring passwords? Let Passweird generate a new, gross-ish and tricky PW for you. Concept, website and development by Cody Peterson; design by Matt Carlson. In our three goes at the site, we were assigned “f13sHywANg/504,” “F13ShYg4rB4G369+4,” and “sINi$T3RTuRD0&25.”


Without You We’d Never Know …

  • image … that an ambigram is a word that retains meaning when read from other than the obvious angle (or sometimes read from the same angle but with a shifted perception); in the case of Jade Warrington’s Jade Ambigram, flipping her name upside down produces … her name!
  • You all clearly knew the term; other recent Dribbble ambigrams include:
  • imageArtission’s Edvin Vest identity,
  • image Rens Dekker’s Hoofd&Letters identity,
  • image and Martin Schmetzer’s And (here on wax).

Put Your Device on Ice

  • image Next time your device crashes, just say “Puck it!” Myplanet introduces MyPuck, “the smart way to play hockey.” Posted by Amit Jakhu.

Where’s Dribbble? Pakistan!

We Like Yeti. (Yetis? Yetii?)


Illustrator Lea Vervoort describes her style as playful, crooked, and mysterious. Find out more about Lea in last week’s Timeout.


  • image Ignition Creative is working with Nike on a series celebrating NBA play. Athletes work with Nike to identify key moments on the court and create shoes that speak to those moments. Ignition designs a related unique visual, which is then used by Nike’s customized product line NIKEiD to inspire consumers to make their own shoes. This shot, called Battle of the Boroughs, focused on J.R. Smith lacing up for a matchup against the Knicks’ crosstown rival, the Brooklyn Nets.
  • image RegularCoffee.com (coffee subscription service), by Mighty in the Midwest, has launched! Posted by Andrew Possehl.

Coaches’ Picks

  • image Day of the Dead pins by Jason Custer
  • image Decrypting invoices by Helder Oliveira for Dinheiro & Direitos (Money & Rights) magazine
  • image 201314 by See, who wishes us a happy Year of the Horse

Meetup Wrap-up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on “Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. Send susanna@dribbble.com a photo after, and we’ll run it here!


Durham North Carolina USA Meetup for Coffee & Crepes Saturday Jan 11 noon. See Meetup page for final location information and to RSVP.

Hyderabad India Sunday Jan 12 10:30am at Hatchstation, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet. RSVP.

Dhaka Bangladesh Sunday Jan 12 6:30pm at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, 107 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave. RSVP.

Göteborg Sweden iOS7 + New Apple Stuff Mon Jan 13 6pm at Elabs, Östra Hamngatan 1. RSVP.

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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