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  • image Trio card game, design and branding by Hype & Slippers; available in the UK

Visual Resolutions

  • image For a fourth year, Chris Streger’s To Resolve Project invites designers to render resolutions in the form of iPhone backgrounds. Several Dribbblers already have contributed; search the “resolve” tag and check them out! In his own shot, Chris references his desire to move home to Portland and to do more digital work.


  • image Lance LeBlanc created the artwork for the 2013 Steampunk and Makers Fair in Lafayette, Louisiana using Adobe Illustrator, which recently featured the piece on its Facebook page.

Late Night

  • image Nate Azark made this poster for an Avett Brothers appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.
  • image Katy Olsen is working on a collage for Jimmy Fallon.
  • image Back in the fall Bob Thibeault won “Steve Colbert’s Art Me Up Challenge;” this poster hung on the mantle during an episode of The Colbert Report.


  • image Jelly offers “a new way to search using pictures and people from your social networks”; posted by Jelly designer Alexa Grafera.
  • imageThe Padbury Clock screensaver transforms your Mac screen into an elegant, minimalist clock; design by Robert Padbury, engineering by Steve Streza.
  • image Filip Peraić celebrates the opening of his James Harden Illustrated store by giving away this huge, signed print of the Rockets All-Star.
  • image Confide allows users to send confidential messages; from Dan Sutera, with branding and app design by Sean Farrell.


Off Topic

  • image Matt Braun and his wife are expecting; Matt designed an invite for their baby shower.

Where’s Dribbble? Russia!


  • image InVision, a collaborative tool for creative teams, launched LiveShare. The feature allows users to host real-time design meetings in their browsers; posted by Aaron Stump.
  • imageBilly Sweeney recently redesigned Squarespace’s blog, released last Monday, the company’s 10th anniversary. Said Bill, “Throwing old blog conventions out the window, we tried to create something with editorial qualities that are typically only seen in print design.”
  • image Unfold’s Eddie Lobanovskiy finalized the logo for AspireBoard, an in-the-works app for collecting and organizing design inspiration.

Coaches’ Picks

Since Last Week

imageWe released our first Yearly Replay, touched base with illustrator Paul Shipper, announced the temporary closing of our equipment shop and, at long last, secured the Dribbble Facebook page (go like us!).

Meetup Wrap-Up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. After, send a photo to susanna@dribbble.com, and we’ll run it here!

Dhaka Bangladesh Saturday, January 12, Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel


Fourteen people gathered in Bangladesh to talk design and games, eat Awesome Burgers (food cart), and laugh. Said organizer Qurratul Ayeen, “We had a fantastic evening!”


TONIGHT! Göteborg Sweden iOS7 + New Apple Stuff Mon Jan 13 6pm at Elabs Östra Hamngatan 1.RSVP

Austin Texas USA 16th Official ATX Dribbble Meetup Thu Jan 16 5:30pm at The Ginger Man, 301 Lavaca Street. Sponsored by Real HQ. RSVP

Cambridge Massachusetts USA Dribbble Meetup at HubSpot Thu Jan 16 7 p.m. at HubSpot, 25 First Street. RSVP

Caversham United Kingdom Tuesday Jan 21 7pm, location TBD. RSVP

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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