Timeout with Mike/Creative Mints

Timeouts are lightning-quick interviews, five questions to help you get to know the players holding court at Dribbble. Thanks to Mike for being today’s interviewee.

Who are you? Let us know where you hail from and what you do.

Mike | Creative Mints Hey! My name is Mike. I live and work in Prague, Czech Republic. I’m a bit of a travel freak though, so you can bump into me in totally random towns and countries.

What are you working on?

My passion is website and app design but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time creating illustrations. I love diversity and I think that different types of design really complement each other. Look around and keep your mind open, you know.

At this very moment I’m busy designing a few really cool game apps, will surely show them to Dribbble folk soon!

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Tell us why it’s a favorite.


OK that’s always a tough question. I guess if I had to pick one it would be this one Ui Kit (Metro). I see some synergy of my favorite design ideas here: cleanness, eye-catching colors, simple and intuitive structure and some unique feel. That’s what I strive for in all of my designs.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


My setup is fairly standard, no gimmicks here. Simple pen and paper, a camera, Copic markers, Faber Castell pencils. Oh well, I forgot this guy — Cintique24HD by Wacom, love it! The rest is pretty traditional, you can see my armory in many of my shots, I often take pictures of my workplace.

Choose a favorite shot from another player. Tell us why you dig it.


Map pins — heart. I am a big fan of Eddie (Lobanovskiy) in general and I like how masterfully he can present even the simplest concepts. His shots are always different and he never rests on his laurels. Simply put, “like!”

Find Mike at Dribbble, on Twitter, and at Creative Mints.

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