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On the Wall

  • image The Full Mural by Andrew Kolb, whose account features several detailed shots - worth the click!




Get Schooled

  • image Stelian Firez offers this genius tip via his shot Tip: color picking in Illustrator: “In order to select a single colour and not the whole gradient, use the eyedropper tool while holding down the ‘Shift’ key.”
  • image At Speed Design with Illustrator, Vincent Le Moign offers up “14 Tips to Create Interfaces in Minutes.”


User Friendly

We Like Great Apes.

Where’s Dribbble? Bristol, England!

We’d Never Think to Create …


Coaches’ Picks

Since Last Week

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image

We visited Fuzzco's coolio office in Spaced and went to SXSW, where we awarded the first-ever Silver Bucket (sponsored by Storyland Studios) to the ATX Dribbble community. See Meetup Wrap-up below for more.

Meetup Wrap-Up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. Send susanna@dribbble.com a photo after, and we’ll run it here!

Nashville, Tennessee, USA, March 1, The Flying Saucer


From 615 Dribbble Meetup organizer Ryan Slater: “We had a group of about 30+ people from design students, industry professionals, and educators. We even had all of the redpepper team in attendance as well.”

Austin, Texas, USA, March 8, The AGBG


Good times! We have a long list of thank-yous, so will get right to it (and apologize in advance if we left you out - we’re still grateful!): Airbnb, The AGBG, ATX Dribbble (including the guys at Paravel and Sophie Shepherd), Campaign Monitor, Creative Market, Dropbox, Happy Cog (including Greg Storey), Susie Jurado, Shopify, Storyland Studios, and Yahoo. Photo courtesy of Sputnik Creative. L-R: Rich Thornett, Sophie Shepherd, Dave Rupert, Greg Storey, and Dan Cederholm.


  • image Singapore
    TOMORROW! March 11, 7 p.m., 2A Hoot Kiam Road. RSVP.
  • Brisbane, Australia
    Friday, March 14, 6 p.m., The Burrow, 37 Mollison Street, West End. RSVP.
  • Cochin (Kochi), India
    Sunday, March 16, 5 p.m., Vypin. RSVP.
  • Pensacola, Florida, USA
    Tuesday, March 18, 6 p.m., The Yard, 1010 North 12th Avenue, #111. RSVP.
  • Arlington, Virginia, USA
    Designing ⌘+SPACE in a “Weekend” with Michael Dick, Tuesday, March 18, 6:30 p.m., Fluencia, 1400 Key Boulevard. RSVP.

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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