Weekly Replay

Good Work

  • imageBobby Haiqalsyah worked on the "Love Is In Your Blood" campaign, a joint effort between LYNX Australia and Red Cross Australia to encourage young men to donate blood in the Red Cross’s largest-ever Australian blood drive.



Happy 25th Birthday Web!

Get Schooled

  • image Pixel Trick by Neway Lau: “When making small icons with oblique lines, use 0.5px lines with much deeper color to keep them crisp (and still totally vector).”
  • imageRoss Moody’s (55 Hi’s) “Design for Print: Stand Out With Specialty Printing Techniques” goes live at Skillshare Monday.
  • image Zach Sherman recently launched Pixelcasts, “one new video every month showing you how your favorite designers create amazing things.” First up: Patrik Sigmon-Ward shares “my workflow in Sketch, some tips and tricks, and how I go about creating character with simple shapes.”

On the Wall

  • image Welcome Home, a cut-paper and paint piece by Lillie Talbott for her new flat


  • image Beers Not Tears coaster design by Two Arms Inc. (Mike Tabee and Karen Goheen)

Getting Personal

Side Project

  • image Caroline Moore is documenting everyday life (Day 10 — Made Some Pierogies) via her Doodle A Day project.
  • image In Sad Song, Alex Herrmann is “capturing a certain feel related to a song and expressing it in a simple way.”

Happy St. Paddy’s (Paddy. Not Patty. Right Conor O’Driscoll?)


Off Topic


  • image Animation Process by Dan Kanach — from Sketch to Illustrator file ready for animation

Turn Turn Turn


  • image Variant cover for Evil Empire #1 by William Pyle for BOOM! Studios

User Friendly

We Like Spring!

Where’s Dribbble? Calgary, Alberta, Canada!


  • imageDribbble sneaked a peek at a new menu for navigating shots; posted by Rich Thornett.
  • image musiXmatch’s employs use Friday hack days to explore. Nicola Felaco is “working on funny stuff around lyrics, playing with typo and handpicked quotes of song lyrics.”
  • imageStéréosuper launched the Parisian car service app, Chauffeur Priv.

Coaches’ Picks

Since Last Week

  1. Asset Creation Process
  2. image
  3. image

Jeff Broderick stopped by for a Timeout. Dan and Tristan are bearing up.

Meetup Wrap-Up

Hosting a meetup? Visit our Meetups Page and click on Here’s How to Make It Happen to request a Meetup Kit. Send susanna@dribbble.com a photo after, and we’ll run it here!

Berlin, Germany, Thursday, February 13, EyeEm


Thanks to organizer Cat Noone and host EyeEm.

Seattle, Washington, USA, February 27, Needle & Thread


Pushing fire code limits, more than 50 Seattle Dribbblers gathered in an attic speakeasy that’s been operating (through Prohibition) since 1832! Per one attendee, “This was the best design meetup in Seattle since. Ever.” Thanks to organizer Mike Finch and sponsor Facebook.

Montreal, Canada, Wednesday, March 5, La Commune


From organizer Kevin Clark: “We discussed a whole lot of things, including gesture-based apps, the rise and fall of various trends over the years and unsolicited redesigns. We had a lot of fun.” Visit Montreal Dribbble Meetup to sign up for e-mails about the next meetup.


  • Pensacola, Florida, USA
    TOMORROW! Tuesday, March 18, 6 p.m., The Yard, 1010 North 12th Avenue, #111. RSVP.
  • Arlington, Virginia, USA
    Designing ⌘+SPACE in a “Weekend” with Michael Dick, Tuesday, March 18, 6:30 p.m., Fluencia, 1400 Key Boulevard. RSVP.
  • Toronto, Canada
    Tuesday, March 25, 7 p.m., Playground Inc., 119 Spadina Ave. RSVP.
  • DribbblerietOslo, Norway
    Dribbbleriet, Thursday, March 27, 6 p.m., Mesh, Tordenskioldsgate 3. RSVP.
  • London, UK
    Share Design Tricks, Monday, March 31, 7 p.m., The Railway Tavern, 15 Liverpool Street. RSVP.

Have a shot you’d like considered for Replay? Send the link to susanna@dribbble.com.

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