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Shopify + Dribbble Playoff Results!

Last week, our official playoff challenge with Shopify closed with 238 Dribbblers rebounding their answer to, “Design is … .” The entries were fantastic, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners today.


Each of the following shots were judged on creativity, execution, and meaning by Dribbble and the Shopify Design Team. Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to all those who rebounded as well as our Global Meetup Sponsor, Shopify, for making this happen.

Grand Prize


Design is Storytelling by James Graves. James went analog with his pop-up book illustration. Check out the attachment for the incredible details.



Design is a Sense of Childlike Wonder by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn.


Design is a Journey by Zachary Smith.

Honorable Mentions

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  1. image

Also check out Shopify’s post on the contest, featuring commentatry from James Graves on his Grand Prize winning shot.

5th Birthday Playoff Results

As part of our 5th birthday celebration, we ran a special Playoff with a theme of the number 5. Over 200 members rebounded for a chance to win a donation to their proposed charity and a boatload of prizes.

The buzzer sounded on the 5th anniversary of the first shot uploaded to Dribbble, and now it’s time to share the winners!

Grand Prize Winner

Team Dribbble has chosen the Grand Prize Winner from the entire pool of entries. This was an incredibly difficult decision, but in the end we felt that Dribbble Turns 5 by Tom McQuaid embodied the diverse spirit of the Dribbble community and the number 5.


Congrats to Tom! He’ll receive…

Top 10 Most-Liked Shots

These amazing entries, chosen by the community, will each receive a $25 Gift Card to the Dribbble Equipment Shop:











Luke Flowers missed the buzzer by a few minutes, but we’re giving him an honorable mention and making him the 11th winner of an Equipment Gift Card. We’ll also forgive him for misspelling Susanna’s name.


Thank You

A giant thank you to all who entered and/or voted as well as our prize partners. And most importantly, thanks to the entire community for an incredible 5 years of creativity sharing, making connections, learning, and growing.

Now Available: Sweet Betty’s Sparkling Yetis

Two months ago we held a fantastic playoff challenge with our friends at Threadless. 400+ rebounds later, a winner was chosen and today it’s available for sale over at Threadless!

Congrats to Ross Bruggink and his amazing shirt design.

Threadless Playoff Challenge Results

Our most successful playoff to date has come to a close. Two weeks and 469 rebounds later, the Dribbble + Threadless Playoff Challenge was a ton of fun to watch, and the t-shirt concepts the Dribbble community came up with were creative, funny, unique, clever, and other positive adjectives.

It’s time to announce the winners! After a huddle between the Threadless and Dribbble teams, we chose Ross Bruggink's “Sweet Betty’s Sparkling Yetis" design for the Grand Prize.


We love Ross’ fictional (?) take on a Yeti grooming shop. It’s a shirt we’d wear proudly. As part of the prize, the shirt will be printed and sold over at Threadless, so stay tuned to grab your very own.

In addition to getting his shirt printed, Ross also receives:

  • $2,000 CASH 
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate 
  • 1 of everything in the Dribbble Equipment Shop
  • 1 year of Dribbble PRO for free 
  • iPad mini – Black, Wi-Fi, 16GB

Congrats, Ross!

We’re also awarding the top 5 most liked shots of the challenge some cool prizes as well:

  • 1 year of Dribbble PRO for free 
  • Dribbble t-shirt 
  • $50 Threadless Gift Certificate

And they are:

Congrats and thanks to all who entered and voted. And a very special thanks to our friends at Threadless for partnering on an amazing Playoff!

Threadless + Dribbble Playoff

We’ve been big fans of Threadless for a very long time, and are psyched to announce the first official Threadless Playoff here on Dribbble!


The challenge is simple: design a logo for a company that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of owning your own record store, or an exotic fish emporium. This is your chance. Want to design the branding for the first mini-golf course on Mars? Make it so. Let your imagination run wild!

Learn more about the challenge in this video from Dan and Jake Nickell, founder of Threadless:

You have until Monday, July 29 at 11:59pm (EDT) to post your rebound. Once the buzzer sounds, we’ll huddle with Threadless to pick a grand prize winner, who gets an incredible prize pack:

  • Your design printed by Threadless!
  • $2,000 cash
  • A $500 Threadless Gift Certificate 
  • One of everything in the Dribbble Equipment Shop 
  • One year of Dribbble Pro 
  • An iPad mini (Black, Wi-Fi, 16GB)

The top-5 rebounds with the most Likes will also each win:

  • One year of Dribbble Pro
  • One shirt from the Dribbble Equipment Shop
  • A $50 Threadless Gift Certificate

Check out Threadless’ shot to get started. Good luck!

(As always, we hate spec work. All designers participating in this Playoff retain full ownership of their work, and no shots will be used for any purpose without the permission of their creator.)

Squarespace Commerce Playoff Replay

Once again, we teamed up with our friends at Squarespace to celebrate a launch of theirs, letting the Dribbble community have some fun and stretch their creative muscle via a Featured Playoff. This time around, it was for Squarespace Commerce, a new way to manage and sell products on the Squarespace platform.

256 rebounds over the last 10 days. As usual, Dribbblers showed immense creativity in answering the challenge.  The winning shots are below, and read more from Squarespace on the results.


Squarespace 6 Rebound Playoff

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Squarespace to celebrate the release of the all-new version of their fantastic website building service. The official Squarespace Rebound Playoff kicked off last Thursday and has already racked up 200 rebounds of, dare we say, some incredibly creative takes on the number 6 and the Squarespace brand.


You have until next Tuesday July 31st 4pm EST to enter and vote for your favorites. The top 6 rebounds will receive some awesome prizes from Squarespace (including a free year of Squarespace 6), and one grand prize winner from all the rebounds (regardless of likes) will be chosen by the Squarespace team to receive a new Macbook Pro with Retina Display. Whoa.

So go get creative! Rebound, vote, have fun, and happy Dribbbling.

Winners of the United Pixelworkers + Jon Contino Playoff

After several days of rebounding, the buzzer sounded today at 2pm Eastern. The United Pixelworkers / Jon Contino / Dribbble playoff has come to a close. We loved the creativity that went into these shots: ficticious basketball teams from the 1920’s from Salem, Pittsburgh, and Long Island.

Each of the following winners will receive a free Dribbble tee designed by Jon Contino and printed by United Pixelworkers.

The overall winner for number of likes received was Li Aviators Cut by Richie Stewart:

The top winner for the Long Island Aviators was by stephen skurnick:

The top winner for the Pittsburgh Workers was Nick Slater:

The top winner for the Salem Dribbblers was Ryan Putnam:

There were also three additional winners chosen for each team.

Team Dribbble’s pick for the Salem Dribbblers was by James Olstein:

Coach Jon’s pick for the Long Island Aviators was by TJ Rippelmeyer:

Coach Jay’s pick for the Pittsburgh Workers was by Michael Spitz:

Congrats to the winners, and a big thank you to all who rebounded and voted. This was a fun one. And thanks to United Pixelworkers and Jon Contino for collaborating on this!

Winners: please email so that we can deliver your prizes.

Dropbox Playoff Winners

Well that was fun. Last week, Dropbox held an official rebound playoff, and 280+ Dribbble players flexed their creative muscle and came up with some excellent takes on the Dropbox logo. As usual, the Dribbble community showed how creative they can be with a little constraint.

Congratulations to the winners—you’ve earned free Dropbox space for life! And thanks to all who uploaded and voted.

1st Place - Artem Borysenko

2nd Place - Jory Raphael

3rd Place - musHo
4th Place - Kevin Andersson
5th Place - Timothy J. Reynolds
6th Place - Dash
7th Place - Greg Christman

Note to the winners: Please fill out this form so that Dropbox can hook you up with your prizes.

Play ball with Dropbox!

This just in, from our friends at Dropbox:

At Dropbox we love, love, LOVE designers and the Dribbble community. We’re fostering and thriving on a bustling creative culture and want you to join in.

We’re showing our appreciation by holding an official playoff for a bunch of Dropbox space!

The playoff starts Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 10am PDT and ends Friday, May 25th at 6pm PDT and will be kicked off by Dropbox's second Dribbble shot.

What you’ll be playing for:

  • 1st Place 25GB of space for life
  • 2nd Place 10GB for life 
  • 5x 3rd Place 5GB for life

So look out for that shot on Wednesday at 10am PDT, and rebound it to win!

The Dropbox Design Team


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