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New Style Profile

We recently rolled out a new design for member profiles. The goal was to further focus on the work itself: Ditching the sidebar to show a full grid of thumbnails and separating the designer’s info from Dribbble’s application controls, while providing a better experience on small screens.


One important change to mention is an update to the content allowed in the bio (which is now featured more prominently). HTML in bios is no longer supported, but URLs are automatically linked and prettified (e.g. Additionally, @mentions to other Dribbble profiles are automatically linked (handy for linking to a team account, for example). We encourage you to review your bio with the new design and make edits if needed.

We hope the new layout offers a clearer picture of our members and their work, and we’re excited about the groundwork this lays for efforts to come. More on that later!

Give the Gift of Pro


We recently pushed a little feature that’s long been requested. You can now gift a year of Pro to any member! Pro enables extra features like advanced search, lists, and message limitation lifting. Additionally, for designers who have been invited to upload work, Pro unlocks nifty stuff like uploading attachments, organizing work into projects, and advanced stats. (Learn more about Pro at our Help Center.)

imageTo instantly become a Really Nice Person™ and make someone else’s day, just head over to the gear menu on their profile. There you’ll see a link to gift a Pro account to them for 1 year. How incredibly kind of you!

Hive fives to Dribbble Developer, Tristan Dunn, for checking this feature off our lengthy wish list.

Announcing Teams


Today is an exciting day here at Dribbble. After many months of hard work, we’re thrilled to officially announce Dribbble for Teams.

Teams are a simple but powerful way for your organization to have a presence on Dribbble. Teams allow your brand to have a profile powered by the work that your design team is creating. Members of your team can continue to use Dribbble as they do today, but additionally mark their work as team work, so your team profile is filled with shots of the products and projects your organization is working on. Dribbble users can follow your brand and what you’re building, allowing you to promote both your team’s work and the designers behind it, while fostering conversations with your audience and peers in the community.

Like many features we’ve introduced, Teams has evolved from observing how our members use the site. Organizations have been creating Dribbble accounts to show the work of their designers, who often have separate personal accounts, but until recently, there was no way to link the two. Team accounts connect the folks doing the work with the organization for whom it was done. We hope that both sides gain visibility and context for the work they’re sharing.

Teams that are hiring enjoy benefits as well. All team members are able to use Find Designers to search for design talent. Teams that purchase jobs on Dribbble are found in searches for jobs posted by teams and teams hiring. Additionally, team profiles are linked to from their job listings, so candidates can explore a hiring team’s work and designers.

Without further ado, let’s get to the details. Here’s why we think you’re going to love Teams:

  • Dual-attribution

    Get your team on Dribbble

    Want your customers, clients, and design peers to see what you’re working on? Create a team on Dribbble. Your organization, screenshots of your work, and designers share the spotlight under your brand’s profile.

  • Follow

    Grow your audience

    Are you a product team? Show the world what you’re building so they can follow your progress. It’s an easy way to grow an audience, build interest and announce new products and features.

  • Get-hired

    Get hired

    Are you a design agency? Share your work to gain attention from potential clients. Mark your team for hire to appear in find designers searches and receive work inquiries via your Dribbble profile.

  • Team-jobs

    Hire designers

    Growing your design team? Find designers by location, skills, and more. Teams that purchase jobs have their avatar displayed with their listing. Job openings also appear on your team profile. Designers seeking jobs can search for both jobs posted by teams and teams hiring.

  • Benefits

    Projects and attachments

    Organize your work into projects and add attachments to your screenshots to render your team’s efforts with greater context and detail.

Teams pricing starts at just $100 per year for up to 3 members. Go create a team and start sharing what your company is working on!

Welcome, Patrick Byrne!

Today we welcome our fifth (FIFTH!) team member. We’re thrilled that Patrick Byrne has joined us as a Developer starting this week.

imagePatrick’s had a varied career, winding through technical support, technical writing and editing, then discovering his passion for designing and creating software for a variety of businesses.

Hailing from the Twin Cities with his lovely wife, Patrick is originally from Iowa. When he’s not writing code, he likes to cook. Since moving to Minnesota, he’s trying (and failing) to learn to ice skate.

Patrick’s addition to Team Dribbble will help us grow, scale, and maintain the systems that support the community, and we’re pretty damned excited to have him on board. Also, Rich might get a wink more sleep.

Regarding our recent site outage

It’s been a long night/morning for us here at Dribbble HQ. We profusely apologize for the downtime, and can’t thank you all enough for your patience while we get back on track. Last night at approximately 8pm EDT, our database server went belly up and we’ve been working non-stop since then to bring the site back up. 

Here’s what we know now, and what we’re doing to move forward:

  • We had corruption in our database. The exact cause is unknown but our leading theory is that we experienced a memory corruption problem where a chunk of memory got wiped and replaced with zeros. We continue to investigate.
  • This site is back up and running, but we’re a bit tentative as we are still unsure of the root cause of the problem. For the time being, we’re running much more frequent backups and working toward a more robust database architecture.
  • We spent much of the night trying to salvage the latest data, but ultimately had to rollback to a backup copy of our database from roughly 2am EDT May 14, so most of the work that was posted yesterday has been lost. This pains us to no end are we are deeply sorry for that.
  • We’ll be restoring lost data regarding pro accounts (orders and status) and looking to see what other information we can retrieve. If you went Pro yesterday, hang in there, we’ll get your status upgraded as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience as we work our way through this recovery. We’ll keep you updated as we step through this process.
  • This episode has exposed a lot of flaws in our production architecture and our ability to react to crises and we’re going to work hard to correct them.

Thanks again for your understanding, patience and support. Rest assured, we’ll continue to do everything we can to keep Dribbble running smoothly again.

Pay with Stripe

We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering Stripe as a way to make credit card payments for Pro accounts or Jobs on Dribbble. Until now, PayPal had been the only available payment method, and it continues to be an option along with Stripe. If you live outside the United States and have had difficulties making purchases in the past, or if your business has had trouble using a company card, give Stripe a try!


Thanks to Stripe Checkout, we were able to integrate their functionality in to our site with incredible speed and ease. Plus, instead of sending customers to a third-party site to make a payment, Stripe Checkout offers a simple popover box to pay instantly without ever leaving Dribbble. All payment information is securely processed by Stripe, and the results are immediately returned to our servers for processing.

Our new developer Tristan spearheaded the integration, and he was pleasantly surprised with how easily Stripe could be worked in to our existing code and UI. When we told him we’d be mentioning him in this post, he replied, “Aw shucks, Stripe is going to know I have a crush on it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Four On The Floor

March winds have been blowing for only a few days, but it’s already been a monumental month here at Dribbble, as we just signed two key free agents. It pleases us to no end to announce our first full-time hires, Samuel and Tristan, who will be helping us grow and improve the Dribbble community, site and platform.

imageSamuel Fine has been contracting with us for several months and after making himself indispensable around here, he now officially takes on the full-time role of Community Manager. From his bio:

"Samuel serves as champion for all Dribbblers, great and small. He works to make your day better by responding to user questions, comments, and concerns via email and social media. He also oversees Dribbble’s Equipment Shop, monthly newsletter, and occasionally contributes to the official blog.

A native of Northern Michigan, Samuel lives in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife Tess and their cat Beans. Off the court, he builds HTML5-powered mobile apps, participates in citizen-science projects, and is equally likely to be found on Steam or at the flea market.”

imageTristan Dunn has been contracting for us for the last month, and now will join us as a full-time Developer, working remotely from his native Louisiana. Tristan previously worked with thoughtbot, Meebo, and Google and has already had an enormous impact on our software development efforts. From his bio:

"Tristan is a developer and arguably a tolerable designer. He is from and lives in Louisiana, yet enjoys cold weather more than you might expect.

He’ll be helping make your experience on Dribbble even more enjoyable, and giving Rich a bit more time to dunk.”

BTW, a quick but spirited fist bump of appreciation to you, the Dribbble community: We’re able to make these hires because YOU have supported this operation. We’ve never raised venture capital or other funds—this startup is 100% organic and made possible by your patronage. Thank you for your continued support in helping us grow and sustain this project. Your impact has been profound.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to add two talented folks to the team, bringing our total headcount to a whopping… four. And we’re equally excited about the great things we’ll be building together to help make Dribbble even better. Welcome, Sam and Tristan!

Evolving Our Community Guidelines

We’ve just updated our Terms of Service and Player’s Handbook with new rules and guidelines as to what constitutes appropriate content at Dribbble.

Historically, Dribbble has been a relatively open publishing platform. It’s self-organizing in the sense that members can create their own community by following (and blocking) other members as they see fit. For the most part, we’ve tried to stay out of the business of deciding what content is and is not appropriate by crowdsourcing this responsibility. This model appears to works well for services like Twitter and Facebook; combined with our small population and invitation system, we believed it was working well for us.

That self-organizing nature is likely here to stay, but recent events shifted our thinking about community and our role in managing it. We better understand that:

  1. There is much stronger sentiment of Dribbble as a single community versus separate, sub-communities (a la Twitter, Facebook), and thus we have more responsibility to provide guidelines for Dribbble as a whole.
  2. Some people have expressed that they do not feel welcome or comfortable at Dribbble due to the nature of some of our content and comments. And we hate this.

Today, we’ve made changes to our Handbook to clarify what types of content are inappropriate to post on Dribbble, in order to make it a more welcoming and inclusive community for designers and fans of all ages. Specifically, we’re going to be more aggressive in removing content that doesn’t meet these new guidelines. We can’t guarantee we’ll catch every inappropriate shot or comment that’s posted, but we think expectations are now much clearer and more conducive to fostering community.

It’s important to point out that inappropriate content has been a small fraction of what’s posted. The vast majority of work shared is inspiring and the reason for Dribbble’s success.

Adding manual and automated mechanisms to better enforce our guidelines will be an ongoing process. It won’t happen overnight, so we ask for your patience as we continue our efforts to grow gracefully.

Thank you yet again, Dribbblers, for creating such a special place. We’re trying hard to keep it that way.

Search Like a Pro

imageWe’ve just rolled out an update for Pro members that makes finding designers on Dribbble even easier. Starting today, sorting and filtering  members by location, skills, availability, and other criteria is packaged up into a nifty, portable widget.

We’ve streamlined our Find Designers section to make it quicker and easier to find folks to follow and hire. But we’ve also added that same functionality to other member lists throughout the site (e.g. followers, fans, lists, etc.). Click the new Pro Search icon image at the top of these lists to access the sorting/filtering widget to narrow down the list.

Want to see who your favorite Dribbbler follows near Chicago that does illustration? A few clicks and… presto. You now have the power.

Anyone can go Pro for $20/year to take advantage of the new Pro Search. We think it’s pretty powerful, and will enable Dribbblers and fans more ways to sift through the talent that shares their work here every day. Enjoy!

Please bear with us…

You might’ve noticed a few features disappearing here and there on the site. Please bear with us, as we’re battling some performance issues that are proving difficult to diagnose.

Suggestions, Colors, Pro Stats, and shot views have been temporarily disabled while we try and get things back on track. Those features are especially taxing on the database, so turning them off for now will help the rest of the site stay afloat. Don’t worry, we’re still tracking shot views, we’re just not reporting them on list and detail pages for the time being. Once restored, the counts will be accurate.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience, and know that we’re working extremely hard in restoring full functionality as soon as we’re able. Follow our Twitter feed for updates.

Thanks for your patience, Dribbblers.


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